[AlliedMods] V>I>P System ( API & Web)

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[AlliedMods] V>I>P System ( API & Web)

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V.I.P System
Description :-

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VIP system, basically you can create flags and assign to each flag some functions, abilities these abilities and functions are not limited.
Features :-

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* This VIP System is associated with the AmxBans WEB Frame.
* API Support.
* MySql & File Saving methods.
* Has Expiration date auto remove.
* This mostly is very helpful for scripters/coders...
Cvars & Commands:-

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vip_save_type (Default: 0 = File) / 1 = MySql.
vip_sql_table_prefix (Default: vips)
*Console Commands
*Client Commands

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PHP Code:
/* Header Generated by Natsheh */ 

#if defined _vip_core_included 
#define _vip_core_included 

#if AMXX_VERSION_NUM >= 175 
    #pragma reqlib vip_core 
    #if !defined AMXMODX_NOAUTOLOAD 
        #pragma loadlib vip_core 
    #pragma library vip_core 

enum _:VIP_LOGIN_STATUS (<<= 1)
    VLOGIN_PASS = 1, // a
    VLOGIN_NAME, // b
    VLOGIN_IP // d

@Param NoParams 
@Return NoReturns 
@Info "this forward is used for creating vip flags using this native (register_vip_flag)" 
forward vip_flag_creation() 

@Param iFlag (Alphabets chars Only) 
@Return iFlagID 
@Info "iFlag must be one chars & alphabet only, use this function in vip_flag_creation forward" 
native register_vip_flag(const iFlag, const szFlag_info[]) 

@Param id "user-id" 
@Return "return user vip flags if user is a vip 0 otherwise" 
native get_user_vip(index)

@Param authid "authid registered as VIP could be steamid, ip, name"
@Param bLog "if true log removing"
@Param bPermanent "if true remove vip from the file or database"
native remove_user_vip(const authid[], const bool:bLog=false, const bool:bPermanent=false)

@Param index "user index must be connected otherwise it will throw an error"
@Param password "vip password"
@Param method "login method via steamid or ip or name + password"
@Param bSaveInFile "if true it will save in file or database"
@Param szExpireDate "if its 0 or empty vip membership will never expire otherwise it take this format only ("month/day/year - hour:minute:second) "
native set_user_vip(index, const vflags[], const password[]="", const method=VLOGIN_STEAMID, const bool:bSaveInFile=false, szExpireDate[]) 

Link Download:
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